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The sun started to set just as we drove the last ten minutes to our lodging for the night near San Gimignano…at the same time that I was trying to help Drew navigate our car using Google Maps. The leaves on trees, grape vineyards and farm fields were starting to […]

Italy Day 4: Tuscany

We were finally ready to catch the sunrise at 7:15, but we were just heading off to downtown in our Uber. I asked our driver if he spoke English. He said a little. “Spanish?” I said, hopeful. Affirmative. Turned out Alfonso was from Venezuela so he and I could at […]

Italy Day 3 – Rome

PS I would have added photos, but am having technical difficulties. So you shall have to just use your imagination. You know you’re in Italy because the colors at the airport remind you of the stripes of a pizza box–with that orange, green and white combo echoing the Italian flag. […]

Italy Day 1 – Rome

Last night, my newest novel Her Billionaire Bodyguard broke into the top 100 in three categories: Clean & Wholesome (#20), Inspirational (#51) and Billionaires (#78). In the overall paid category, it hit #1486. I didn’t buy ads but mainly swapped newsletters with other authors. Here are some things that helped […]

How to break into Amazon’s Top 100

I just went 40 hours without sleep. Really. I was juggling picking out stock photos for a 5-book series and working with two different designers on two different series, while trying to finish revisions on book 2 of my billionaire romance series to get to the editor this weekend. Whew, […]

My writing routine

I just finished revising my 12th book and sent it to my editor at 3 a.m. this morning. I wish I could say that along with this achievement, there’s fireworks and cake. (Well, okay, there is strawberry rhubarb pie. Yay!) But it mostly comes with exhaustion, and an eye directed […]

Celebrating with pie