The road was blocked, with police diverting traffic for the Provo, Utah, half-marathon. On my way to the convention center a few blocks away, I walked along the sidewalk, watching the progress of the runners. Some looked like they were in pain, probably had been in pain for the past […]

The race to the temple

The Rogue Raider, Islands of the Crown Book 3, is now available. Get it here! For a limited time, get The Last Princess, Book 2, for 99 cents here. Count of Monte Cristo meets Pocahontas in this sweeping saga of adventure, romance and danger in 1760 Spain and Philippines.

I have a new book!

“Don’t let the Mormons convert you,” a friend told me before I left the Philippines for Utah in 1987. I shrugged off the advice. I was 15, born and raised Catholic. Our family was devout, usually sitting in the front row of the chapel every Sunday mass. As a teen, […]

Becoming Mormon