Everything and…the kitchen sink

Photo: my clean kitchen sink (and rubber ducky soap dispenser)   I am getting really good at this sprinting thing. Today, I wrote 2,279 words towards Book 3 in 3 separate 30 minute sprints. Why I haven’t I done this sooner? It’s amazing how the story flows when you are just writing and not letting […]

Be a smart moth

I was watching a moth flail itself against one of our kitchen can lights. “Moths aren’t very smart,” I observed. “They keep going for the light like some crazy compulsion.” In the other room, my daughter said, “At least they’re going towards light and not darkness.” Wise words. If the moth were an analogy to […]

A minimalist approach to creating

It’s foaling time. Our family doesn’t have any baby horses, but all around us, pastures have cute little foals popping up. As an avid hobby-photographer, I like to chase down these photo opps. The other day, I went over to take photos in my neighbor’s pasture. Between bugs, the mom standing in the way of […]

How to sprint through a manuscript

I recently joined a group of authors on Facebook who challenge each other with sprints throughout the day. I love it; thanks to this group, I have become more productive. Today, I wrote 2494 words in an hour and a half. In the past, I used to tap tap tap slowly and produce hardly any […]

A great day

I did a grueling but amazing Crossfit workout this morning (100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats sandwiched between a mile run at start and finish…named Murph, in honor of a Navy SEAL who died in Afghanistan), ate a yummy flapjack breakfast at the Clark Historic Farm, ate my first snow cone of the season, rode […]

Breaking writer’s block

I suppose you could call it writer’s block. I had been progressing nicely with book 3’s manuscript when everything screeched to a halt. I was due to write a raiding scene, but I didn’t know how to do it. It was totally make-it-up-as-I-go which I know is how one writes fiction, but this was even […]

My little writing buddy

It was dark, nearly 11 p.m. tonight. I heard the pitbull before I saw it. Its paws dug aggressively into the dirt road. In a flash I realized it was going for our old little beagle, Emmie, who was tethered to my husband by the leash. Upon impact, Emmie gave off high-pitched squeals like metal […]