Crazy Rich Asians: A case for those tuxes

Last night, my hubby finally gave in to watching Crazy Rich Asians with me and I loved it! (He admitted he had fun, too.) It gave me ideas of how billionaire romances could be done, if you want to go all out.

As a setting and culture, Singapore was amazing. The excesses of the wealthy portrayed in the movie were so over-the-top, larger-than-life fascinating, and oftentimes laugh out loud funny. The romance was heartfelt and sweet. The only reservation I have in recommending wholeheartedly is there’s this sassy side character who uses colorful language but overall CRA is an adorable rom-com.

One of my favorite scenes was when Nick and Rachel were dancing at his friend’s wedding reception, and she says, “You should wear your tux when you’re shaving, brushing your teeth…” After we watched the movie, I asked my hubby if he would wear a tux all the time, but he said it would take the zing out of tux-wearing. xoxoxo

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