Day 21: Trail ride

I’ve joined the #100happydays challenge. Daily, for 100 days, I will post something that makes me happy. Today, our family went on a horse trail ride in the acres of pasture behind our house.

Horses, clockwise from left: Lovey, Raffiki, Taia, Moki, and Magic (the tail)

Let’s ride!
by Jewel Allen

Someone lead, please
because my mount (Mr.) Magic
is being temperamental.
but at least he crossed the water.
“What are you doing, Mom?”
Taking a picture
trying to hold on to the reins
keeping Magic on task
and not dropping the camera.
I want to remember this day
even the bugs
the sun on my face
the breeze at my back
pretty horses alongside
my children
my husband
and my Magical mount.

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