Happy Days 83: This is my happy moment

Wesley playing a beautiful song on the piano

I had a manuscript to finish so I got up at 6:30, worked on a chapter for an hour, then went to clean our church building at 8 with my two younger kids. Drew and Sierra had already gone to work.

Last night, at the prospect of cleaning so early, the kids balked a little (for who doesn’t want to sleep in?). Still, they threw themselves into the work. There were fewer people than normal cleaning because of the holiday weekend, but we still got it done under an hour.

When we got home, Wesley played the piano (what a pretty song!) while I cooked scrambled eggs (one of my favorite meals since I read Mary Stewart’s “Under Gemini”) and fry bread (from biscuit dough). Sabrina played the flute up in her room.

I thought, this is my happy moment.

The kids sat down to breakfast, their eyes taking in the the cheesy scrambled eggs in a little cast iron skillet, orange slices, and fry bread under a bright red plaid cloth. Well, I figured, these extraordinary kids deserve an extraordinary breakfast.

“Mom, thanks for breakfast,” Sabrina said. “It looks really good.”

I thought, this is my happy moment.

My kids dug in. The food was good. I guzzled cold milk down my parched throat.

Wesley said, “Mom, thanks for signing up to clean the church.”

I knew what he meant. Something like, I didn’t really want to get up so early, but it felt good to work and help out at the church, and it’s nice to come back to this delicious breakfast.

I thought, this is my happy moment.

For the past 83 days, I have taken on the challenge of finding something happy to share with the world. Through this exercise, I realized that more than a choice, happy moments are already present in our lives. Waiting to be discovered. We just have to open our eyes to them.

Outside the frame, there are unwashed socks, spotty windows, a sinkful of dishes and imperfect lives. So maybe it’s not the complete picture. It might even be considered fakey to present such a happy facade.

Except it’s not fakery. It’s a habit-forming goal of looking for the good in your life and celebrating them. Life’s too short to dwell on the negatives, I’ve since learned. My biggest challenge has been choosing just one per day.

Thanks for sharing in my happy moments!

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