5/3/17 – “Surviving a one-star review”

3/2/17 – My Stranger than Fiction post, “Breaking a revision rut

2/28/17 – A video from The Spanish Exile launch party 

2/25/17 – My guest post on Tony Riches’ blog about the inspiration behind The Spanish Exile

6/7/16 – My interview with Balitang America

4/20/16 –  Stericycle concerns reflect changing Tooele CountyDeseret News

11/9/15 – My post-election interview with TFC Balitang America

1/2/15 – Review of Ghost Moon Night on bestselling author Emma Michael’s blog

12/31/14 – My Deseret News op-ed on why a prison in Tooele County is bad for Utah.

12/4/14 – Review of Ghost Moon Night at The Book Shelf Gargoyle

11/18/14 – My interview with the Newest Novelist, where I shared how I made my publishing dream come true.

05/10/14 – My Deseret News op-ed, where I eat my words and write about why I now support the caucus system.


Publication is the Tooele Transcript Bulletin, unless otherwise specified

1/22/13 – The Buckaroo Balladeers

1/3/13 – Something old, something new

1/8/13 – So long, farewell, to Stowe Family Music

12/24/12 – Society had no need for fear this Christmas

11/27/12 – Curbside recycling program can’t spread fast enough

9/25/12 – Conquering mountains

9/4/12 – Axing economic development will likely hurt small business

8/30/12 – From Court to Corral

8/21/12 – Positive attitude is key to great school experience

8/7/12 – Give school district’s tax hike a chance

7/26/12 – Trucking into competition

7/24/12 – Merchants must provide motivation to shop local

7/12/12 – Making masterpieces

7/10/12 – Grantsville City needs to aim for one race next year

6/26/12 – Obama’s melodramatic shtick grows tiresome

6/12/12 – Schools need less restrictive parental observation policy

6/7/12 – A hat for every occasion

5/29/12 – All high schools need a scholarship coordinator

5/22/12 – The business of beekeeping

5/15/12 – Morality has become America’s whipping boy

5/1/12 – County needs more boredom busters for kids and adults

May 2012 – Started my business, Treasured Stories, a memoir writing service

4/17/12 – Republican Party upholds values important to women

4/3/12 – Keeping miners safe

4/3/12 – Obamacare promotes freeloading, discourages personal responsibility

3/6/12 – Lengthening abortion wait makes sense for women

Feb 2012 Against the Wind, Tooele County Magazine

2/23/12 – Tales from the lunchroom

2/21/12 – House bill 49 will protect law-abiding gun owners

2/7/12 – Public can provide part of solution to online piracy

1/24/12 – Smoke shop ordinances make perfect sense

1/17/12 – Faith & Family

1/10/12 – University should relax and take after Mia Love

2011 – First Place, Op-Ed/Column, Utah Society of Professional Journalists

2/27/11 – Cell phone ban is an idea whose time has passed

12/13/11 – Freedom from religion should never replace freedom of religion

12/8/11 – Foremost in 4-H

11/29/11 – Citizen journalism can be as good as paid journalism

11/22/11 – A World View

11/15/11 – Making a case for early Christmas music

11/8/11 – Teacher plus parental involvement equals math proficiency

10/25/11 – Occupy Wall Street ‘protest’ is waste of time

10/18/11 – Aerial Acrobatics

10/11/11 – Still Waiting for America’s first woman president

9/27/11 – A College Degree Still Worth it Despite Job Shortage

9/22/11 – Precious Cargo

9/13/11 – Parents need to remember that it’s just a game for kids

8/30/11 Anti-alcohol messages deserve praise locally

8/18/11 – Like a Mountain Man

8/16/11 – Fundraising frenzies often leave residents fatigued

8/2/11 – Empowering Girls Means Getting Them Outdoors

7/21/11 – Teenage Pregnancy Reality Is All Around Us

7/5/11 – Decreasing Homework Not Necessarily the Solution

6/21/11 – Religious Convictions Still Matter In Politics

6/12/11 – From limelight to Christ’s light, Deseret News

6/7/11 – The Drive to Live

6/7/11 – Fight For Your Right to Keep Video Games at Bay

5/23/11 – Joke of Immigration Policy Makes Donkey of U.S.

5/10/11 – Deployment Should Not Be a Time For a Photo-op

5/2/11 – I wrote a new song, Heroes With a Heart

4/28/11 – Opera House Carbon Copy

4/26/11 – Kindness to Animals Means Having Them Fixed

4/23/11 – I wrote a new song, You Gave It Your Best

4/12/11 – Books, Like Entertainment, Need Warning Labels

3/29/11 – Started writing for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin. My op-ed piece “Seeing Past Color is the Best Recognition of All” ran today.

2/28/11 – I wrote a new song, Beauty In You

1/28/11 – Finished the second draft of my historical novel Blemish. Click here to see what inspired the story.

12/4/10 – Finished the first draft of my historical novel Blemish

8/2010 – Got a request for the full manuscript of Ghost Moon Night from big-name Agent

8/12/10 – Won honorable mention for my short story Holiday Hiccups in the Spring Women-On-Writing Flash Fiction contest

7/9/10 – Man’s Love For the Stars is Out of This World, Deseret News

4/8/10 – I guest posted on The Guide to Literary Agents editor’s blog: Tips on Writing Middle Grade

2/14/10 – I wrote a new song, You’re Lyric To My Melody

12/26/09 – Room in Home, Hearts For Children, Deseret News

11/13/09 – My post on my family is featured on

10/04/09 – Quit my rock band, but will keep performing solo

10/01/09 – Performed at Oktoberfest with my rock band

9/16/09 – Disaster Drill Involves Hundreds, Deseret News

8/1/09 – My debut performance as the lead singer of a rock band

6/26/09 – Town Helps Keep Man On Track, Deseret News

June 2009 – I wrote about Philippine’s historical Fort Santiago, in Dungeons and Dragoons, Filipinas Magazine

6/6/09 – Utah Veterans Remember D-Day, Deseret News

5/29/09 – Superbike ‘City’ Races Into Tooele, Deseret News

5/15/09 – Hybrid Car Debuts This Weekend, Deseret News

4/25/09 – The first chapter to my historical novel Girl From Gurian wins third place (historical fiction category) in the LDStorymakers Conference First Chapter Contest

3/18/09 – My article, Town Tradition Bridges Old, New, appears in the Deseret News. I am now officially a correspondent for the paper.

3/17/09 – I joined a local rock band that covers classic rock songs as its lead singer. I will be posting my adventures on my Red Rocks blog.

2/3/09 – Pink Ink is the featured blog on SITS, or The Secret is in the Sauce

1/7/09 – Began querying agents about the revised manuscript of my YA historical fantasy Ghost Moon Night, set in 1950s Philippines

12/25/08 – My short story Holiday Hiccups wins honorable mention in our local paper’s holiday writing contest.

10/6/08 – My blog, “Pink Ink”, is featured this week on the “Saucy Blog” list on SITS, or The Secret is in the Sauce

10/2/08 – My essay, Gossip Magazines: Harmless Fun? appears in the Deseret News

March 2008 – The first chapter to my horror novel Ghost Moon Night wins first place in the LDS Storymakers Conference first-chapter (mystery-suspense division) contest

Feb 2008 – A Family History in Cuyo, travel essay in Filipinas Magazine

November 2007 – “Won” at NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month (I wrote a 50k- word YA historical romance called “Girl From Gurian” in 30 days)

March 2007 – The first chapter to my historical novel Spanish Exile wins first place in the LDS Storymakers Conference first-chapter (mystery/suspense) contest

December 2000 – Tale of Two Cities (Original title “Same Name, Worlds Apart”), Philippine News