November in a Nutshell

Me, enjoying tamales after finishing Her Billionaire Santa on 10/31/18. It’s set in Guatemala, where tamales is a favorite dish.

A little after 11 p.m. last night, I finished my 16th book, Her Billionaire Spy, for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve written 50k words in 5 days before, so it almost felt anti-climactic to celebrate writing one in 30. In light of so many other projects I was trying to get done in November, however, this was an important achievement.

As I was getting into bed, I told my husband I won NaNoWriMo. He was happy for me, but he said, “Not much different than what you’ve been doing the last few months,” because I have been publishing 50k word novels since August.


In the last six months, my life has changed dramatically, leaving me more time but also tempting me to do more. After all three kids left for college, I started publishing 50k word novels monthly plus a novella. I started an author newsletter, a review team, and a Clean Billionaire Romance group. Here’s how it’s gone down.

June – Attended an Amazon top 100 writer’s retreat.

8/24 – My birthday! Published Her Billionaire Bodyguard.

9/24 – Published Her Billionaire Prince. Published The Heiress & the Billionaire, a newsletter magnet.

10/24 – My son’s birthday! Published Her Billionaire Cowboy.

11/24 – Published Her Billionaire Santa.


This November, I published a novel, revised one, and drafted one. I also published a client’s mom’s life story in an intense (but heartwarming) two weeks’ time from design to final proof. I ghostwrite memoirs on the side.

You’d think I’d say I’m tired, but that’s not the overwhelming feeling. It’s more of amazement that a) my hubby has stuck with me through this crazy time, b) I haven’t gotten sick, and c) I delivered all that I set out to do.


Below is my November in a nutshell. Emphasis on nuts.

[“Wrote” stats are for HBSpy. ACFC stands for A Cowboy For Christmas, last year’s NaNoWriMo project that I finally dusted off and revised. Interspersed throughout, I attended meetings and conducted business for City Council.]

11/1 Started HBSpy. Wrote 2346. Started a life story project. Hired a PA to run my Amazon ads. Started HBSanta revisions (finished the draft 10/31).

11/2 Wrote 1938.

11/3 Wrote 6141.

11/4 Sunday

11/5 Wrote 1854.

11/7 Wrote 2981. Sent HBSanta to editor. City Council.

11/8 Wrote 4160.

11/10 Wrote 4530.

11/12 Wrote 5010.

11/13 Finished the life story project.

11/14 Wrote 727. City Council.

11/17 Got HBSanta final edits. Watched Bohemian Rhapsody. (I loved it!)

11/18 Sunday.

11/19 Wrote 1549. Sent HBSanta back to editor. Stayed overnight with my mom for her exploratory surgery.

11/20 Wrote 5034. Uploaded final pre-order HBSanta file. Started editing ACFC. Spent day with Mom who recovered fine.

11/21 City Council

11/22 Thanksgiving. Ran a 5k and hosted dinner.

11/23 Edited ACFC. The Last Princess audio went live.

11/24 Made wreaths and spent day with the fam. HBSanta (on pre-order) launched.

11/25 Sunday. Gave a talk in church.

11/26 Edited ACFC. Sent it to betas. City Council.

11/27 Got a real Christmas tree.

11/28 Wrote 9781. Finished HBSpy and won NaNoWriMo.

11/29 Took care of newsletter swaps and other business items.

11/30 Started an editing job for an author client.

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