Rapid Release: 10 days from start to published

I have been thinking of how to share about my little how-to book, “Rapid Release.” I wanted to part the curtains a little to show you how this project came about–10 days in all from start to published–and I’m not even sure where to start.

I just know that I’m glad it’s out in the world, happy that it earned a little orange #1 new release flag and is sitting at 7,762 of all paid Kindle books two days after its release after basically a little Amazon giveaway to my author group and a shout-out on my personal timeline.

For a couple of months now, I had been toying with the idea of a “How to write a clean billionaire romance” book. On January 10, I polled my author group and a majority said they would like a book on Rapid Releasing.

I liked the idea; it would be more general, but I would still be able to address how to write a billionaire romance. I started sprinting the draft, referring to posts and data I’d recorded from the last few months. Old habit from my journalist days…always writing about my experiences. 15,000 words later, I figured I had enough material for a book.

I worked on it on and off the past couple of weeks, while I was also trying to finish a billionaire romance that was due on 1/20 for pre-order. Wouldn’t it have been ironic if this how-to book derailed that? Luckily it didn’t.

I sent my how-to book to a few betas, got their feedback and revised. I also added another 5k words of commentary from authors Bree Livingston, Sally Britton, Jo Noelle, Brittney Mulliner and Eliza Boyd who graciously shared their Rapid Release experiences.

Even though the book felt done, I was still shaking in my boots as I finished it up and wondered if I should push “publish.” Who was I to write the book? Many other authors have earned more than me. On, and on, and on, all these self-doubts in my head. A little past midnight Saturday, I went ahead and published it.

Sunday, I just let it sit organically and got one sale. And then Monday came and after my couple of shares, the book started to steadily go down in ranks until it reached where it is now sitting at 7,762. It’s currently priced at 99 cents for the launch and I am getting both sales and KU page reads—the best of both worlds. I’d have to be lying if I say I don’t want it to make a nice profit, but what I really would love is if I could get it in the hands of authors who have all the questions I had as a rapid release newbie.

I am super excited this book is finally a reality. Writing how-to’s isn’t my main thing as an author, but it sure was fun to make it happen in 10 days. What a glorious time to be an indie. 💕

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