Sea Dive Resort’s Chili Pepper Crab

This recipe is a sidebar of a travel profile I wrote for Filipinas Magazine in July 2007.

photo from Bing

Sea Dive Restaurant features Filipino dishes (their litson kawali is tasty and their pinakbet is almost like Mom’s) alongside western staples like pasta, pizza and burgers. When I asked American expat owner Jim Goll for a recipe, he referred me to his staffer Nonoy for their signature “Chili Pepper Crab”.

Nonoy gave me the recipe, but when pressed for exact measurements on some of the ingredients, he couldn’t really say. So, for the culinary adventurer, here’s the recipe according to Nonoy. Enjoy!

Sea Dive Resort’s Chili Pepper Crab

ginger, chopped
onion, sliced
garlic, crushed
chili pepper to taste
2 cans of tomato sauce
sugar to taste
3 lbs. crab


Saute ginger, onion, garlic and pepper in margarine. Add crab and simmer in tomato sauce and sugar until cooked.

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