She’s back!

Pink Think: “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” – Thomas A. Edison


It’s been an interesting last couple of weeks around here.

I’ve been working on revisions to a couple of novels, going back and forth, mainly just to finish them already. With so many deadlines on my work outside of fiction, it’s been hard to feel the muse. (Although, in defense of my workload, I’m loving my business!) I wondered, will I ever have a creative idea again?

Well, the muse is back, alive, kicking and spunky as ever.

It happened when I least expected it. I was standing in my office with my oldest daughter and noticed someone drive past the front window. I speculated on the vehicle and said (as I usually do, being a fiction writer) “What if that vehicle was such-and-such…? (I am being deliberately vague here because I can’t tell about it until after I write a first draft.)

My daughter reacted strongly and I knew I had hit on something with potential. The more I’ve thought about it, just daydreaming, the more the idea’s grown, fleshing itself out. The more excited I have become.

I can’t wait to write it down because not sharing the idea with others is killing me.

Yanno…NaNoWriMo is coming up. (NaNoWriMo is not a hybrid rhino. It’s like November Madness for writers, where we get to work on a goal of 50,000 words towards a novel in November.) *evil grin*

To my fiction writing friends, do you keep new story ideas to yourself or do you share with others right away? Any of you doing NaNo this year?

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