The Spanish Exile


Cover by Mikey Brooks

Islands of the Crown Book One

In the flames of war, men are made and broken…

The fires of vengeance burn hot for Raúl Calderón. Cast aside, forgotten, and abused by those above him, Raúl is forced to make his own way in life. But he has the heart of a fighter who will do whatever it takes to prove himself – including joining the Spanish army. Yet when his sworn enemy becomes his commanding officer, Raúl’s life quickly goes from bad to worse. Forced to witness the human misery of war and take part in creating that suffering, Raúl walks a fine line between doing what’s right and obeying orders. But when Conchita, the love of his childhood and now the woman of his dreams, is placed in danger, can he cross the line to save her? Or will he be forced to choose between king and country and the woman he would do anything to have as his own?

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