My youngest daughter, at graduation With my youngest child graduating valedictorian from high school, I have been reflecting on our family’s journey. Over the course of eight years, our three children attained high goals during their secondary education. Our oldest was salutatorian, our second had a 4.0 GPA while serving […]

Path to Valedictorian

The road was blocked, with police diverting traffic for the Provo, Utah, half-marathon. On my way to the convention center a few blocks away, I walked along the sidewalk, watching the progress of the runners. Some looked like they were in pain, probably had been in pain for the past […]

The race to the temple

“Today’s workout is a killer,” Kyle said on his way out of Crossfit, as I was arriving. I laugh, but my gut clenches with anxiety. I haven’t been looking up the workout before coming so I don’t get intimidated and come up with wimpy excuses to not go. What am I […]

Stick to it