Day 9, Ireland View from Trim Castle roof Nice to have a leisurely morning. For longer than one moment, we were able to catch our breath. Then at 11:30 we set off for Trim Castle. Joy and Tom’s brother Matt and three of his four kids, Matthew, Blaithin and Fionon, […]

Happy Days 65: Castle Ghosts

Day 7, Northern Ireland Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland I just discovered something heartbreaking. All these window boxes, and no hummingbirds to enjoy them. That’s what we discovered in Sabrina’s bird book. There are no woodpeckers, either. As for other animals, there are no snakes or wolves in Ireland, which could […]

Happy Days 63: Mischievous Giants and Rickety Bridges

Ireland, Day 6 The great American-Irish Gaelic football cup Nice to meet you, Gaelic football.Tom’s nephews (Matt’s kids) Matthew and Fionan (FEE-non), and niece Blaithin (BLA-hing) who live next door invited the kids to a game of Gaelic football on their lawn. It’s kind of a cross between soccer, football, […]

Happy Days 62: Church and Gaelic football

Ireland, Day 4 Cliffs of Moher I love Irish Bed & Breakfasts. So far, we’ve lucked out the past couple of days, getting super nice owners. Last night, we stayed at Westbrook House in Ennis, were Drew and I were toasty warm in a four-poster bed and the kids shared […]

Happy Days 60: No Fireworks, No Problem

Ireland, Day 1 Doors of Dublin It’s 2:30 a.m. Irish time and I should be crashing but I’ve got my second wind.After a 4 hour delay sitting on a plane in the Chicago aiport due to rain and lightning, we finally made it to Dublin yesterday morning. Ironically, blue skies […]

Happy Days 57: Hello from Ireland!