Islands of the Crown

The Rogue Raider, Islands of the Crown Book 3, is now available. Get it here! For a limited time, get The Last Princess, Book 2, for 99 cents here. Count of Monte Cristo meets Pocahontas in this sweeping saga of adventure, romance and danger in 1760 Spain and Philippines. Follow

I have a new book!

I was watching a moth flail itself against one of our kitchen can lights. “Moths aren’t very smart,” I observed. “They keep going for the light like some crazy compulsion.” In the other room, my daughter said, “At least they’re going towards light and not darkness.” Wise words. If the […]

Be a smart moth

Photo: The Capitol at twilight as I was leaving after my write-in I didn’t think I’d actually be able to finish it, though I was really really close to the end. Six chapters. That was all I had left of The Last Princess, Book 2 of my Islands of the […]

And done!