Kindle Scout

I haven’t done a thing today to promote DEADLINE, yet it is staying on the hot & trending list. Yay! Honestly, I don’t know if I would have had the time to do much today; it was my hubby’s birthday, our daughter was on holiday from school, and so we […]

Kindle Scout Day 8

After briefly falling off the hot & trending list, I was back on once again in the afternoon. What very well could have helped was an invitation by a former high school classmate (Thanks Eric! Hi classmates!) to nominate my book. There’s 200ish potential voters right there, so maybe that […]

Kindle Scout Day 7

DEADLINE is no longer on the new list, but luckily, it is still on the hot & trending list. Thanks to everyone who have voted so far! I am trying to avoid checking on my KS stats, but it’s like driving past a fender bender. Can’t. Look. Away. But I […]

Kindle Scout Day 6

One of the reasons I even have DEADLINE up on Kindle Scout is because I finally finished the cover this year. In the past, I had the hardest time coming up with the right stock photo with the right short haired blonde with the appropriate expression. Just for fun today, […]

Kindle Scout Day 5

Well, it happened. Deadline hit the hot & trending list the evening I finally promoted it (with an updated manuscript). Woo-hoo! I had been in Salt Lake City the whole day, and got back to Grantsville at 3 p.m. I checked my email and got this message from Kindle Scout […]

Kindle Scout Day 4

I feel like an undercover Kindle Scout contestant. I wonder if the powers-that-be behind KS would take notice if a KS didn’t have very many nominations because the author doesn’t want to have people look at it yet. Or maybe it’s reverse psychology: I have a Kindle Scout book, but […]

Kindle Scout Day 3

While I was on the Kindle Boards looking for a profile avatar, I unearthed this pic, an old cartoon of “me” done by the talented Elizabeth Mueller. I love how she meshes my love of historical (the 18th century dress), fantastical stories (the mermaid tail) and my Philippine roots. Still […]

Kindle Scout Day 2

Technically speaking, I have a book on Kindle Scout. But there is an issue with the preview that has not yet been resolved, so I will wait to announce it to the world until then. I hope it gets fixed soon so I can share the link. Meanwhile, here are […]

Kindle Scout Day 1