Pink Think: “The world needs your originality. You just need to grow into it.” – from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs First of all, kudos to my writing pals Karen Hoover (her debut novel The Sapphire Flute is coming out in March and will be reviewed by […]

What The World Needs

Pink Think: “There’s a great tradition in storytelling that’s thousands of years old, telling stories about kings and their palaces, and that’s really what I wanted to do.” – Aaron Sorkin art from Last night, something amazing happened. I’ve been revising this manuscript and had come to a scene […]

Power of Story

Pink Think: “Ain’t about how fast I get there, Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, It’s the climb.” – from Miley Cyrus’ song The Climb Photo by IngaHel on Flickr A great day yesterday. To sum it up: wrote, picnicked, fed ducks, rolled down hill and watched the […]

Enjoying the Climb

Pink Think: “This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.” – Phil in the movie Groundhog DayUpdate: On February 3, Pink Ink is the featured blog on SITS. Thanks Tiffany and Heather!Welcome to my place, SITStahs, and thanks […]

If You Had to Live The Same Day

Pink Think: “I wasn’t looking forward to Friday, and it more than lived up to my non-expectations.” – Bella Swan in Stephenie Meyer‘s book Twilight (photo by The Crazy World XD on Flickr) Dear Stephenie: How do I keep writing a novelthat doesn’t have vampires,an ordinary girl,and enough suspensewith beautiful […]

Dear Stephenie Meyer

Pink Think: “I suppose you could say that everyone has an El Guapo. For some, shyness may be an El Guapo. For others, lack of education may be an El Guapo. But for us, El Guapo is a large ugly man who wants to kill us!” – Lucky Day from […]

Lucky Day For Me