We were finally ready to catch the sunrise at 7:15, but we were just heading off to downtown in our Uber. I asked our driver if he spoke English. He said a little. “Spanish?” I said, hopeful. Affirmative. Turned out Alfonso was from Venezuela so he and I could at […]

Italy Day 3 – Rome

PS I would have added photos, but am having technical difficulties. So you shall have to just use your imagination. You know you’re in Italy because the colors at the airport remind you of the stripes of a pizza box–with that orange, green and white combo echoing the Italian flag. […]

Italy Day 1 – Rome

Saturday, June 25 Malcapuya Island Resort, Coron What a fun day so far already, and it’s only 11:06 a.m. We are boating away from Malcapuya (about 90 minutes from Coron), where we spent the night and left at 10:30 today. Woke on the island at 5:30 a.m to Drew’s question, […]

Philippine Trip: Day 3

When the little PAL flight landed at the Busuanga Airport, I said, “It’s not raining, it’s a good omen.” It is raining now. But we will still take that as a good omen of good things to come. We had some turbulence on the flight to Busuanga. They gave us […]

Philippine Trip: Day 1 Part 2

Day 10, Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, 2 a.m. It’s 2 a.m. and we just got done with “dinner” of Turkish food here at Hotel Reding in Barcelona.Luna de Istanbul along Plaza Catalunya was open until 2 a.m., and so we were able to sneak in a couple of orders…kofte and an […]

Happy Days 66: Barcelona at 2 a.m.

France, Day 8 Bonjour! We are celebrating our 22nd anniversary a couple of days early by arriving in Paris at 10 a.m. and returning tonight to Dublin at 10. I know, crazy huh? At the Eiffel Tower I am hearing all these conversations in French, and I’ve forgotten much from […]

Happy Days 64: One glorious day in Paris!