I’ll always remember this Columbus Day, October 13, 2014, as the day I arrived at my destination after a long journey.“Are you ready to squeal?” my husband asked me when he got home from work. I turned and he had a box in his hand. I squealed. Boy, did I […]


My son, leaping between pillars in Clontarf, Ireland I looked up the date on my receipt: August 20. That’s the day I signed up to attend Indie Recon, which will take place today and tomorrow in Salt Lake City. It is, according to a news article, the “only self-publishing-focused event […]

How I Made the Leap to Indie Publishing

Prologue Ghost Moon Night, 1881 The boy waited on the steps of a hut, slapping lazily at mosquitoes. His water buffalo, tethered by its nose ring to a coconut tree trunk, made a rhythmic swishing noise with its tail. The warm evening breeze smelled of the sea and of salted […]

Ghost Moon Night ~ Excerpt

I’ve joined the #100happydays challenge. Daily, for 100 days, I will post something that makes me happy. Today,  my youngest daughter wanted to eat scones for breakfast so I taught her how to make some. Here’s my scone recipe (from my beloved, falling apart Betty Crocker cookbook). I double the recipe so […]

Day 38: Scones for breakfast